Horoscopes for October!

We have prepared horoscopes for October 2019. Fortune teller Anezka from Czech republic place tarot card and made readings for you. Free horoscopes.

You can take a look at Horoscopes for year 2019!

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1. card, - The Hermit

The card recommends us to be careful, patient. It orders prudence, suggests not to be hasty as it might not pay off. The card points out that there’s always something to learn.

2. card, - Ten of pentacles

The key word is wealth. Wealth, success and appreciation. Your family life will be trouble free and there will be very good relationships between different generations. Signals an approaching wedding or continuation of a family tradition.

3. card, - The Empress

Disheartening treatment, tyranny, emotional blackmail or potential poverty. Pregnancy complications.

4. card, - Queen of Wands

Domineering person who refuses independence of other people. Jealous, possessive and revengeful person who is always in bad mood. Imperiousness. Deprecation of independence. Jealousy. Vindictiveness.

5. card, - Four of swords

The key word is regeneration. Illness, escape or imprisonment. Gloomy thoughts and depression. Nervous breakdown that needs relaxation.

6. card, - Queen of cups

Vainglorious and immoral person who is false and eccentric. She/he needs constantly attention.

7. card, - Page of pentacles

Be conscientious, modest, competent, introverted. Maybe good news about money, definitely good expectations for the future.

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