Horoscopes for October!

We have prepared horoscopes for October 2019. Fortune teller Anezka from Czech republic place tarot card and made readings for you. Free horoscopes.

You can take a look at Horoscopes for year 2019!

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1. card, - The World

Finish your tasks and you’ll be rewarded for your work and assignment. You'll successful in any business. One cycle is about to come to an end and a new one will begin. The world is the best card of Major Arcana you can possibly get as it means that all the fights will be soon over and you’ll be victorious.

2. card, - Death

Enforcing change. Removal of something which you should have surrendered for a long time. Loss of friendship.

3. card, - Ten of swords

The key word is destruction. Difficult time period in your life in the long run. Do not let yourself to be influenced by dismal thoughts; otherwise you will ruin your life.

4. card, - Seven of pentacles

You have to be very patient because your plans will be put into practice very slowly. It may seem that you’re not doing anything in order to make it happen but that is not true.

5. card, - Ace of wands

Uneasiness. Uncertain desire to change something of your own accord. Lack of encouragement and need of support from other people.

6. card, - Ace of cups

The key word is love, its beginning. Creativity, being fulfilled, art brilliancy, romantic relationship, engagement, marriage or giving a birth. If you want to solve something with a success, do it in this month.

7. card, - Justice

Having a good judgment skill, being successful in legal matters. Decision will be made in your favor. Contract signing and profitable business suggestions will affect your behavior.

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