Horoscopes for October!

We have prepared horoscopes for October 2019. Fortune teller Anezka from Czech republic place tarot card and made readings for you. Free horoscopes.

You can take a look at Horoscopes for year 2019!

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1. card, - Seven of swords

The key word is insincerity. Theft, falsities and grudges. Take care of your possessions and do not trust anybody.

2. card, - Temperance

Quarrels, conflicts of interests, unfortunate turn of events, inauspicious meetings. Corruption and civil disorders.

3. card, - Seven of wands

The key word is resistance. Rivalry. Keep defending your position and do not retreat from anybody. Persistently insist on your interest, because only steadfast attitude and unhesitating actions can result in success. In spite of an opposite semblance, you may win.

4. card, - Ace of cups

The key word is love, its beginning. Creativity, being fulfilled, art brilliancy, romantic relationship, engagement, marriage or giving a birth. If you want to solve something with a success, do it in this month.

5. card, - Nine of cups

The key word is joyfulness. Many social contacts. Steady good friends and lot of entertainment. Parties. Health, good fortune and popularity, fulfillment in relationships. Trouble-free communication and plenty of new ideas.

6. card, - The Fool

Whatever you do, nothing can hurt you. Be more courageous! You are going to move into a new phase of your life. Expect unforeseeable situations. New phenomenal people may come into your life.

7. card, - Seven of pentacles

You have to be very patient because your plans will be put into practice very slowly. It may seem that you’re not doing anything in order to make it happen but that is not true.

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