Horoscopes for October!

We have prepared horoscopes for October 2019. Fortune teller Anezka from Czech republic place tarot card and made readings for you. Free horoscopes.

You can take a look at Horoscopes for year 2019!

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1. card, - Queen of cups

Vainglorious and immoral person who is false and eccentric. She/he needs constantly attention.

2. card, - Ten of swords

Horror is the key word. Worries and dreamless nights, animosity and slander will make you not trust anyone. Guilt may cause self-punishment in some cases. But note that suffering has its brighter side like unpleasant surgeries that make you feel better in the end. Women might suffer from gynecological difficulties.

3. card, - Page of pentacles

Be conscientious, modest, competent, introverted. Maybe good news about money, definitely good expectations for the future.

4. card, - The Moon

Unforeseeable danger, falsities and risk which you did not think through. Be careful! You will need to be very sensible to win against slyness and insidious hidden enemies.

5. card, - Eight of wands

Speed is the key word. Problems will be solved very quickly and without any difficulties. You’ll get some help and you should expect great news. Talk to other people as you’ll be excellent in communication this month.

6. card, - Strength

Cowardice, timidity. You will succumb to somebody or something. Defeat by foul means. Overcome your fear.

7. card, - The Pope

Bad advice, uncertainty and mental confusion, crisis of trust and bad leading. The best choice is to set up your own rules.